The Cannon L1 and L2 cameras are among the best of the analog Hi8 systems available. the pictrure quality is excellent, significantly superior to standard definition broadcast TV and the features including a large complement of available lenses make it a versitile professional machine. These cameras are frequently available used on EBAY as are many of the accessories incuding batteries.and chargers. Recording directly from the S Video ouptut to a DVD recorder or from tape to DVD makes editing using NLE very simple and produces high quality results.


Excellent image quality and resolution. The large single CCD provides a picture quality that is nearly that of a standard definition three chip camera like the Canon Xl1.

The versitile audio and video inputs and outputs premit the use of many external accessories including remode wilreless microphones and a LCD display.

The lenses available for this camera are typical Canon high quality plus there is an available adapter that permits the use of any Canon EOS EF lens.


As this system ages the board mounted capacitors, begin to fail causing deterioration in performance and ultimate complete system failure. Fortunately there are repair shops that can fix the problem at relatively low cost.

Similar Products Used:

I have used the Canon Xl1s and the Sony CCD 5000. The L2 provides a superior image to the CCD 5000 and is nearly as clean as the XL1s.

Customer Service:

Unfortunately,Canon no longer supports this camera and because it is an analog system most professionals have lost interest in it. But as a backup camera or a camera that can be used in potentially hazzardous coneditions it is hard to beat. If it breaks there are still people out there that can fix it. You can fine them on the internet easily.


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