The Mateba Autorevolver is a semi-automatic revolver, one of only a few such models ever produced. It was developed in Italy and sold by the Mateba company. Emilio Ghisoni is listed as the owner of US Patent #4,712,466 which details the operation of the weapon.

The Mateba Mo. 6 uses the recoil from firing to rotate the cylinder and cock the hammer, unlike conventional revolvers, which depend on the user physically pulling the trigger and/or cocking the hammer to actuate the weapon’s mechanism of operation.

The Mateba Autorevolver’s barrel alignment is different from most other revolvers. The barrel is aligned with the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top. This lowers the bore sight (line of the barrel) which directs the recoil in line with the shooter’s hand thereby reducing the twisting motion or “muzzle flip” of normal revolvers.[1] The gun’s entire upper assembly (barrel, cylinder and frame) are mounted on rails on the lower frame, which houses the trigger, hammer, and grip, and recoils approximately 7/8 of an inch/22mm on firing. The rearward motion of the upper assembly cocks the hammer, and the cylinder is rotated on the forward stroke.[2]

The following are variants of the Mateba revolver:[3][4][5][6]

Defense – 4″ Barrel, .357 Magnum
Home Protection – 5″ Barrel, .44 Remington Magnum
Dynamic Sportiva – Either 5″ or 6″ barrel, .357 Magnum
Hunter – 8 3/8″ Barrel, either in .44 S&W Special or .44 Remington Magnum

In addition, their barrels can be changed with interchangeable 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″ and 8″ inch barrels.

2006M (shown above)

Unica 6 (shown below)



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