One of the rarest Alligators is White Alligators. They belong to the family Alligatoridae and are restricted to the areas of Southeastern United States. Their scientific name is Alligator Mississippiensis.

These White Alligators were first discovered by Louisiana Land and Exploration Company in 1987 and brought under the care and protection of Louisiana zoo. They were 18 hatchlings and all were male.

Like all other Alligators, they also live in freshwater swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes and small water bodies of southeastern United States.

The only difference between this alligator and others is the color of skin, which looks like a White Chocolate.

There are two types of white Alligators, Albino alligators and Leucistic White alligators. They are quite similar and confusing, but there is slight difference between the two. Albinos have red eyes where as Leucistics have blue eyes. Albinos are weak creatures, whereas Leucistics are strong. Leucistic alligators have white pigment where Albinos may display white to yellow skin and colorless irises. Albinos are only 65-70 in the world.There have been discoveries of leucistic alligators, one in 1987 in Louisiana and other in 1994, whereby only one female was discovered. She now resides at the Reptile Encounter Exhibit.



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