Wilson Audio is an American high-end audio company, located in Utah, run and founded by David Wilson. Wilson Audio manufactures and sells loudspeakers and subwoofers.

Wilson Audio is known in the audiophile community as offering some of the most expensive speaker designs in existence.[1] When Wilson Audio first began offering its products in the early 1980s, the highest priced small “monitor” speaker was $1,600 per pair. Wilson’s small WATT speaker was introduced at $4,400 per pair.[1] The most inexpensive stereo speaker from Wilson Audio, the bookshelf-sized Duette, sells for about $10,000 US per pair, while home theater “Watch” center and rear channel speakers cost over $5,500. Their most expensive stereo speakers, the Alexandria X-2 Series 2, sell for $158,000 MSRP per pair and up, depending on finish.

Wilson Audio is known for building highly rigid speaker cabinets. They construct their loudspeaker enclosures from non-wood materials such as phenolic resin composites and epoxy laminates. The cabinets are painted using a high-gloss automotive process in a variety of colors.

Current Products

  • Alexandria X-2 Series 2
  • MAXX Series 3
  • Polaris
  • Sasha W/P
  • Sophia Series 3
  • Duette
  • W.A.T.C.H. (Wilson Audio Theater Comes Home) Theater System
    • WATCH Surrounds
    • WATCH Center Channel

Sub woofers

  • Thor’s Hammer
  • WATCH Dog




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