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( (( PAVE PAWS )) )

PAVE is an Air Force program name relating to electronic systems, while PAWS stands for Phased Array Warning System.[1]PAVE has also been defined as an acronym for Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry, but that is likely a backronym created to explain the program name.[citation needed] The radar, developed by Raytheon, is used primarily to detect and track sea-launched (SLBM) and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). - Advertisements


House VI, or the Frank Residence, is a significant building designed by Peter Eisenman, completed in 1975. His second built work, the getaway house, located on Great Hollow Road near Bird’s Eye Brook in Cornwall, Connecticut (across from Mohawk Mountain Ski Area) has become famous for both its revolutionary definition of a house as much as for the physical problems of […]


The Lipstick Building (also known as 53rd at Third) is a 453 foot (138 meters) tall skyscraper located at 885 Third Avenue, between East 53rd Street and 54th Street, across from the Citigroup Center in Manhattan, New York City, United States. It was completed in1986 and has 34 floors. The building was designed by John Burgee Architects with Philip Johnson.[1] The building receives its name from its […]


One Liberty Plaza, formerly the U.S. Steel Building, is a skyscraper in lower Manhattan, New York City, at the location of the formerSinger Building (in 1968, the third tallest structure ever demolished). 1 Liberty Plaza is currently owned and operated by Brookfield Properties. The building is 743 ft (226 m) high and 54 floors. It was built in 1973. At 2,200,000 […]


St. Peter’s Seminary is a disused Roman Catholic seminary near Cardross, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. Designed by the firm of Gillespie, Kidd and Coia, it has been described by the international architecture conservation organisationDOCOMOMO as a modern “building of world significance”[1]. It is one of only 42 post-war buildings in Scotland to be listedat Category A, the highest level of protection […]


Welcome to PPG Place, a resplendent complex described by architectural critics and the media as the “crown jewel in Pittsburgh’s skyline.” The buildings surround a grand plaza evoking visions of the great public squares of Europe.  Paved in a mosaic of red, grey and black granite, the plaza serves both as a restful haven and […]


The Lippo Centre (simplified Chinese: 力宝中心; traditional Chinese: 力寶中心; pinyin: lìbǎo zhōngxīn; jyutping: lik6 bou2 zung1 sam1) is a pair of twin office towers in Hong Kong, previously known as the Bond Center (奔達中心). The buildings are located at 89 Queensway, in Admiralty on Hong Kong Island. They were taken over by the Lippo Group after the collapse of the Bond Corporation. The height of the taller tower […]

LE Chêne Chapelle

The Chêne chapelle (lit. “chapel oak”) is an oak tree located in Allouville-Bellefosse in Seine-Maritime, France. The oak tree is between 800[1] and 1,200[2] year old. It is 15m high and its base has a circumference of 16m. Its hollow trunk hosts two chapels, which were built there in 1669: Notre Dame de la Paix (“Our Lady of Peace”) and […]


Chichu Art Museum was established in 2004 as a site to rethink the relationship between nature and people. The museum, managed by Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation, is located on the south side of Naoshima, an island of the Inland Sea of Japan. The artworks of Claude Monet, Walter De Maria and James Turrell are […]


Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is a large convention center located on Eleventh Avenue, on the West side of Manhattan in New York City. It was designed by architects I. M. Pei and partners. The revolutionary space frame structure was built in 1986 and named for United States Senator Jacob K. Javits, who died that […]