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///GLOCK 18///

The Glock 18 is a selective fire variant of the Glock 17, developed at the request of the Austrian counter-terrorist unit EKO Cobra. This machine pistol-class firearm has a lever-type fire-control selector switch, installed on the serrated portion of the rear left side of the slide. With the selector lever in the bottom position, the pistol will shoot fully automatic, and with the selector lever […]


 The M6 Scout is a multipurpose firearm, combining rifle and shotgun. It has been in and out of commercial production several times since the late 1970s (out of production again as of March 2008). The latest models were manufactured by Česká Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod and sold by Springfield Armory. Other variations of this firearm are the M6 Carbine and the M6 Scout Pistol. The M6 […]


The Mateba Autorevolver is a semi-automatic revolver, one of only a few such models ever produced. It was developed in Italy and sold by the Mateba company. Emilio Ghisoni is listed as the owner of US Patent #4,712,466 which details the operation of the weapon. The Mateba Mo. 6 uses the recoil from firing to rotate the […]


The WA 2000 was designed in the late 1970s and early 1980s, in response to the 1972 Summer OlympicsMunich massacre.[1][4] The bullpup design was chosen because it would allow a standard length (for a sniper rifle) barrel to be used whilst the overall length would be shorter than a conventional rifle. The WA 2000 had a […]


“The least-known member of the Barrett .50 family is the 27-pound M82A2 conceived in 1987, reportedly for use against helicopters in Afghanistan. It is an M82Al gun, “semi-bullpupped” and reconfigured for firing “over the shoulder” like a rocket launcher. It has a forward pistol grip and two perforations in the top of the muzzle brake […]


Caliber: 20×42 Type: semiautomatic, magazine fed Overall length: 845 mm Weight: 5.9 kg unloaded Effective range: up to 1000 m (area targets) Magazine capacity: 7 rounds PAW-20 (PAW stands for Personal Assault Weapon) is a most recent development of the South-African company Gemaco Elbree Pty Ltd, and is marketed by South African military corporation DENEL. Ammunition […]


Calico Light Weapons Inc. (CLWS) is a privately held firearms manufacturing company based in Hillsboro, Oregon. CLWS produces a line of pistols and pistol-caliber carbines. Calico firearms feature a top-mounted, helical-feed, high-capacity (50 or 100 round) magazine that ejects spent shells from a port in the bottom, making a brass catcher more practical. The Calico […]


The Barrett Model 99 “Big Shot” is a single-shot sniper rifle first introduced in 1999 by the Barrett Firearms Company (USA).[1] Like the M95, the rifle uses a bullpup configuration meaning the ammunition is loaded behind the pistol grip. However, it is not fed from a magazine. It is instead a single-shot rifle, meaning that […]


The ARES FMG is the orignal folding submachine gun designed by Eugene Stoner while he was an owner of ARES Incorporated. Stoner designed the gun for concealment and covert use, describing it as a “businessman’s personal defense weapon”. Allegedly, Stoner had the idea of a defense weapon for VIPs and CEOs following the numbers of […]


THE G11 AND IT’S VARIANTS. The Heckler & Koch G11 is a non-production prototype assault rifle developed during the 1970s and 1980s by Gesellschaft für Hülsenlose Gewehrsysteme (GSHG) (German for “Corporation for Caseless Rifle Systems”), a conglomeration of companies headed by firearm manufacturer Heckler & Koch (mechanical engineering and weapon design), Dynamit Nobel (propellant composition and projectile design), and Hensoldt Wetzlar (target […]