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Bose Corporation‘s Wave Music Systems are table top radios that have been selling from its inception in 1984 to today. The wave radios are considered all-in-one systems with “A decade of research”[1][2] that allowed for better sound in a smaller unit. The year 1993 saw the first Bose “Acoustic Wave System” developed for an automotive application. In 1993 Mazda unveiled the […]


Wilson Audio is an American high-end audio company, located in Utah, run and founded by David Wilson. Wilson Audio manufactures and sells loudspeakers and subwoofers. Wilson Audio is known in the audiophile community as offering some of the most expensive speaker designs in existence.[1] When Wilson Audio first began offering its products in the early 1980s, the highest priced small […]


Krell Industries Inc., founded by its C.E.O. and chief designer Dan D’Agostino, is one of America’s largest manufacturers of high-end audio systems. While most of their acclaim has come from their power amplifiers and CD players (their flagship model being the Master Reference Amplifier with a price of roughly $100K), they also make pre amplifiers, loudspeakers, subwoofers and SACD players. - High-end […]


MARANTZ TBL, 6300. Description:  Walnut Veneer & Aluminum. Manufacture Years: 1976 – 1978.


Spica (spī’kə) was started by John Bau in 1978 and continued until its purchase by Parasound late in 1993. The February, 1988 interview with John Bau in Stereophilecovers Spica’s early efforts and the history of the company through the launch of the Angelus. In November of 1995, Parasound announced that it was suspending Spica development. In the announcement Parasound […]


When the La Scala first launched in 1963, audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch made it for Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Winthrop Rockefeller to use as a public address speaker. Because some considered it a “portable” and more affordable version of the revolutionary Klipschorn®, the La Scala found success beyond the campaign. Despite its raw, unfinished appearance, […]